Peru, 2003
David Metreaux Peru 2003
A nicely exhaustive page about a trip to Peru with a lot of comments, links and photographies. A very good overview of what can be visited in the country.
Michiel Bosgra Complete Peru
A travelogue by a Dutchman to Peru: the discovery of the classical tour of the South of the country. Comments exist in Dutch, English & French.
Andrew Chong's Peru 2002
A classical travelogue but on an untypical part of Peru: the Northern region. Interesting pictures about non inca civilizations and the jungle.
Au Pays du Temple du Soleil
The French site of the travel presented just before in this site. A lot of very beautiful pictures from Nazca to Machu Picchu and Titicaca lake. With a Tintin flavor...
Découvrir le Pérou
A exhaustive French website dedicated to Peru. Extremely interesting for its pages about history, geopolitics and cultural (music, litterature, food).
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